Dear Family of Christ,
Join us this Sunday in Worship as we continue our four week jaunt through the Book of Ruth.  Appropriately, on this weekend which saw the first frost of autumn, the theme of the service will be “gleaning.”  So, in these days that you collect the last of the tomatoes and peppers from your gardens, we will be exploring how it is that we glean God in our lives.  That is to ask, “how do we recognize God in the everyday, seemingly small things of life.”
As you come into the sanctuary tomorrow you will notice that the Family of Christ Library has been relocated!  Thank you to Bonnie Funk and Marina & Antonio Vicente for moving all the books and shelving, as well as giving many parts of the church a good, deep cleaning.  This move also creates space for the Vecinos Food Distributionprogram to be accommodated in a space that will lessen congestion in the narthex after church.  Our hope is that this move will make the church library more accessible to the congregation and encourage its use.  If you haven’t recently browsed our library collection, take a moment to look through the many works of practical theology, as well as devotionals and novels, that could be part of deepening your spiritual life.
A Meeting of the Church Nominating Committee will take place tomorrow, following worship.  If you have interest in serving on the Family of Christ Session in the coming year, or have an idea about someone who would make a good elder, please share names with those on the committee.  Those who were elected to make nominations this year are Ron & Thelma Edgerton, Lynn Depuy, Tannis Bator, and Deana Davies.
In Congregational Care Updates, I begin by sending condolences, on behalf of Family of Christ, to the Gilliam Family.  David’s mother, Patricia, entered life triumphant on Monday after a long and beautiful life.  Please send your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to David, Barb, and the rest of the Gilliam family as they grieve Patricia’s death and celebrate her years of life.
It was great to see Lynn Depuy back with us in worship last Sunday following his numerous surgeries and weeks away from us.  Let’s continue to share our love and care with Lynn as he makes the gradual recovery back to full health.  Lesley Manring’s recovery from surgery also continues to progress.  She has been discharged from the hospital to the Colorado Acute Long Term Care Center (located at 1690 Meade Street in Denver).  Lesley is now welcoming visitors and phone calls, and indicates that she would love to see people from Family of Christ.
Finally, progress on the Carrel Historical House Project continues, with the moving company now navigating the final obstacles of selecting a route and contracting for the temporary removal of traffic lights, utility lines, and tree branches.  In addition to the brief blurbs given in these weekly e-mails, a full update on the status and details of the project will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, November 22.  Please plan to join us, following worship that day, as we also elect new elders to serve on Session and review the financial health and plans of the congregation.
Grace & Peace,
Pastor Nate

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