Last Sunday in worship I asked you all to think about to what might we compare the Kingdom of God?  A bouncer that doesn’t check id’s at the door?  A ripe, home-grown tomato left temptingly on the vine?  A silly joke that makes you chuckle at the most inopportune of moments?  See, when Jesus wanted to say something important about God or God’s kingdom, he put it in a parable.  And the comparisons Jesus made were often confounding, counter-intuitive, and even distasteful.  In the end, these comparisons make you think about, even wrestle with, what’s being said; and it does so in a way that sticks with you.  So, I asked you all to come up with your own parables this week, and now’s the time to report back.  Simply post in the comments section below by finishing the sentence – The Kingdom of God is like…  I hope to be able to use these on our church facebook page, bulletin board, and other prominent places that just might get people to pause and think for a minute – or better yet, to have a confounding image stick with them for a while.

Pastor Nate

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