We seek to – celebrate our roots, care for the earth, and cultivate community.

Our Community Garden envisions a world of right relationships among our neighbors and the Earth, our home. We plant seeds to grow in friendship and to model neighborliness. We cultivate the Earth to learn from the wisdom of Creation and to discover new skills from one another. We harvest the work of our hands to celebrate good healthy food and to nourish hope in those who hunger.

Currently, we have twenty-eight 4ft by 10ft raised beds. Community garden plots are available to church members and community members. The fee is $15 per plot to help cover the expense of water.

Families gain self-reliance through growing their own good, clean, and healthy food. They enjoy the many benefits of gardening in community alongside a diverse group of neighbors. Gardeners are asked to help keep pathways clear of weeds and to participate in work days when available. Water is provided to all gardeners. Gardeners are encouraged to share abundance with one another and the Vecinos Food Pantry. A compost area is available for food waste. We request weed debre be put in the trash. A tool shed is provided with hand tools, rakes, spades, shovels and wheel barrels to assist in your gardening. Synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers are strongly discouraged.

Please Contact Jessica Lesko if you are interested in gardening with us. or