An Open-Minded, Open-Hearted Community of Faith in the Christian Tradition

Family of Christ Presbyterian Church is an open and affirming faith community sharing a commitment to public ministry, a belief in social justice, a healthy distrust of authority, an affinity for progressive thought and action, and an abiding faith that God looks kindly on those who question.

We are an inclusive, progressive Family of faith located in Greeley, Colorado.  We seek to make religion as intelligent as science, as appealing as art, as vital as the day’s work, as intimate as home, and as inspiring as love.

Among all the Greeley churches, Family of Christ is unique. We represent something different from your traditional, mainline Protestant congregation. Our church is justice-seeking, open and affirming, growing in multi-cultural diversity, welcoming people regardless of creed, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We practice our faith by following in the path of Jesus – acting with compassion, providing hospitality to the stranger, working for justice, and always seeking to know God and ourselves more deeply.  We are comfortable with questions and reject the rigidness that comes with dogmatic certainty.  We take seriously our commitment to care for one another, the Earth, and the marginalized in our community.

Rather than to “hold out” for a peaceful world in an afterlife, our mission as a spiritual community is to actively build a new earth now, one that includes authentic relationships, social and ecological justice for all, and fosters peace through Jesus’s radical love of all humanity.

In faith, we open ourselves to be active co-participants in God’s dream through prayer, study, and relationship-building within our church, wider community, and world.