Rev. Dr. Laura Krauss

Interim Pastor

Pastor Laura is serving Family of Christ in her third Interim pastorate. During her thirty years of ministry, she has worked with congregations across America in a wide variety setting. This is Pastor Laura’s first pastoral position in Colorado. It is an honor to be entrusted with the pastoral leadership by the members and friends of Family of Christ during this time of transition.

Email Pastor Laura

You can reach her at the church office at (970) 330-0301.

Jessica Lesko

Interim Administrative Assistant

Email Jessica or contact her at the church office, (970) 330-0301.

jenJen Ford


As musically gifted as any church musician you will ever encounter, Jen shares her pianist and organist talents with Family of Christ each Sunday. A native of Greeley, Jen came through the theater department across the street at Greeley West High School. Professionally she has accompanied high school choral programs and provided technical expertise to high school theater departments. As part of Family of Christ’s own Greeley Garage Sale Theatre, Jen has served as stage manager and a member of the production council.

Bonnie Funk & Elissa Quinteros

Christian Educators for Young People

Each Sunday these bright, cheerful, and responsible women develop and teach lessons based upon the Progressive Christianity curriculum.


Corny Dietz, Jeri Shepherd, Lynn Depuy, Thelma Bear Edgerton, Ron Edgerton, Pat Graham, Kathy Heffron, & Ila Leavy
Our board of Session is currently made up of eight elders. As spiritual, political, and servant leaders in our congregation, these folks have made a commitment to nurture and guide the congregation and her ministry. Our Session meets each 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:30-8pm in the sanctuary, and observers are welcome to come see how we conduct our business and discernment.